Mineral materials

As materials, plaster and concrete are in our blood : we have been employing them, shaping them, and transforming them for as long as we have been doing business.

We realize molds design, currently developing new modelling and sculpting solutions and fabricate tailored made pieces. We combine new technologies and traditional staff techniques. We exploring these traditional techniques to develop our own processes. A concrete example of this is the patent we have submitted, in partnership with Lafarge, which finds new applications for exterior processes with plaster and concrete.

To support our customers in a context where ecology and the local have a real impact, we work with cleaner materials that are more environment friendly. Indeed, we have developed Minero, a solution based on the transformation of mineral materials and coatings made in France associated with fibers. It’s a solution wich is particularly efficient and malleable. With Studio Cogitech, our design studio, we offer a range of exceptional textures and finishes.

and perspectives

Desk made with the MINERO solution by François BAUCHET

« Appolo » Lamp by Constance GUISSET

« Ballon » table by Najla El Zein

« Units » Collection by Martin SZEKELY, Galerie KREO Edition.

« Plaster » Collection by Martin Szekely.