Integrating CSR
as a strategic
and organizational vector.

Since 2021, Cogitech has been focusing its consideration and attention on its CSR strategy, with the need to requester its purpose and organization.

To do this, we are focusing on three objectives:

  • Economic objectives
    The search for economic models adapted to our values and ambitions.
  • Social and societal objectives
    The affirmation of our vocation as socially responsible actors by developing tools to support the sharing of knowledge and skills.
  • Environmental objectives
    The development of significant actions in environmental matters.


  • Use sustainable development as a vehicle for innovation and wealth creation.
  • Develop our ecosystems and sustain our relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners through formalized commitments.
  • Develop more virtuous economic models by reducing the role of intermediaries and valuing all local stakeholders.

Social and societal

  • Contribute to the development and creation of individual projects with the implementation of the 4-day week.
  • Develop the skills of our employees and enhance their professional and personal assets. Be more aware of what they bring to the company.
  • Deploy transmission, knowledge and internal learning tools to become a learning structure.


  • Limit the share of Petro-sourced products in our creations, replacing them with eco-responsible materials.
  • Manage the recyclability and recovery of off-cuts as well as waste.
  • Develop the material design activities of STUDIO COGITECH to develop new, more responsible material/process solutions.
  • Participate in the new professions in the artisan world of tomorrow by limiting the environmental impact on our entire value chain.

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