Minero, expertise
artistic and technical
mineral materials.

Developed by Cogitech, the Minero solution combines technique and aesthetics.
It brings together a range of mineral materials made in France and artisanal and innovative processes.

Dedicated to the fields of art, design, architecture and retail, it allows the creation of exceptional tailor-made pieces and objects.

Minero combines two areas of expertise: an artistic component and a technical component.
Thanks to the complementarity of our design studio, our design office and workshop, we offer aesthetic concepts with a very high level of finish. We develop structures, or innovative installation devices, with the aim of improving the characteristics of the parts created: lighter, more resistant, more waterproof parts, etc.

Exclusive projects

Our expertise allows us to exploit the unexplored potential of mineral materials in order to carry out exclusive and daring projects:

Wall decorations
Decorative panels
3D ceilings


Thanks to our innovation studio specializing in the development of materials, we create exclusive finishes: from the rawest to the most sophisticated, while preserving the noble and traditional character of mineral materials.


Committed, we defend French industrial craftsmanship through our local presence, as well as our size, agile and human.

Aware of the urgent need to move towards materials that are more respectful of the environment, we imagine mineral materials with a low environmental impact for our future creations with French partners.

and perspectives