Believe in your ideas,
bravely bring them to life

We are Cogitech, design and consulting experts. We harness our passion for materials and new challenges to deliver a wide range of objects and aesthetic installations.

Our work encompasses a broad scope of activity, from mass produced to bespoke furnishings, complex architectural structures, and new materials and processes.

We are an officially certified “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, a seal of quality granted by the State in recognition of artisan craftsmanship and excellence in industry.


We invite you to browse a selection of our projects through the many themes we explore in our workshops.

Innovation studio

See some of the original developments conjured up in our innovation studio, a place where we use design projects to explore exactly what is possible of materials and techniques. It is a melting pot of ideas and projects that fuels the creativity of Cogitech’s people.


We work with cultural institutions, major luxury brands (jewellery, retail, lighting), industrial groups, high-end brands, designers, and art galleries. In working with us, they are guaranteed the utmost discretion: we never share the production secrets used in their projects, nor reveal their identity.

"They bring what I draw to life. They turn ideas into reality… They are important to us."
Alain Moatti, architect
"They fit how I define intelligence, meaning that they have the propensity to see the patterns in data. They teach me things and I’m richer for their experience."
Martin Szekely, designer
"They think big picture. They like tough problems."
Béatrice Saint-Laurent, gallery BSL


Cogitech produces the new Martin Szekely collection, exhibited at the Pierre Marie Giraud gallery, in Brussels.
Cogitech is in the TV show “La Maison France 5” dedicated to Dijon city.
Cogitech produces the lights collection “Chaînes” by the Bouroullec brothers for the Kreo gallery, in Paris and London.