Minero, artistic and technical expertise in mineral materials

Developed by Cogitech, Minero is a material solution combining technique and aesthetic. It brings together a plate of mineral materials and artisanal and innovative processes. Minero is founded on the improvement of know-how around the transformation of materials for architecture, design and decoration.
Minero mobilizes Cogitech’s advanced technologies and a wide variety of its know-how. Whether there are engineers, technicians, painters, moderator staffers, artists, designers… all combine technical mastery and artistic flair. 

Exclusive projects

We create exceptional solutions, both light and resistant, with mineral mortar for indoor and outdoor :

  • Furniture
  • Wall decorations
  • Decorative panels
  • 3D ceilings
  • Sculptures
  • Mesh pattern

Exceptional finishes

Minero creations interpret the Cogitech heritage with creativity and tell the wonderful stories of our customers, magnified by unique craftsmanship and exclusive finishes. Colored, lacquered or textured effects, we transform the mineral mortar by revealing its exceptional properties, unknown until now. Each piece is unique and our creative approach of finishing is without limits. 

Sustainable creations

Processed and valued by our team in our workshops in Dijon, the mineral mortar we use to create Minero pieces is produced in France. Constantly challenged, we imagine a mortar more respectful of the environment for future tailor-made creations of our customers. It can’t be possible without partnerships. This is the guarantee of an exceptional material quality. So, we are committed in a global and permanent research and development approach with various french partners to develop a material with an even lower ecological impact and put it at the service of our creations. 

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