Openwork panelling and facade

We take a quirky approach to openwork panelling and facades: it centres on researching, analysing, and finding new applications for processes to bring you the most relevant and innovative technical and aesthetic solutions. We advise you on the choice of materials, and deliver technical and aesthetic solutions, passionately developing each piece before sending them to construction professionals for installation.

Thanks to our digital manufacturing expertise, we can cater to elaborate enquiries that go beyond cutting: we can cut complex forms using a water jet cutter, or sculpt 3D parts for precision, lightweight pieces.


Openwork panelling and decorative facades make walls and buildings a thing of beauty, and delineate spaces.

Our work on the facade for the Louis Vuitton Foundation led us to develop highly specialised manufacturing techniques and bespoke solutions. Today, we can design openwork panelling and decorative facades using a cornucopia of materials, from concrete to solid surfaces, and acrylic glass, stone, or metal.

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