Plaster and concrete

As materials, plaster and concrete are in our blood: we have been employing them, shaping them, and transforming them for as long as we have been doing business.

We are currently developing new modelling and sculpting solutions, incorporating traditional staff techniques, exploring these traditional techniques to develop our own processes. A concrete example of this is the patent we have submitted, in partnership with Lafarge, which finds new applications for exterior processes with plaster and concrete.


Plaster is a pure, hardwearing material which, when combined with fibres, becomes particularly malleable and efficient.

We are working with new concretes like DUCTAL® for interiors and furnishings, such as Martin Szekely’s Concrete collection. We have also developed our own concrete resins, like Minero. Stain-resistant, light, and efficient, Minero retains all the minerality of concrete and is particularly suited to original furniture applications.

and opportunities

Minero concrete detail/ Designer Martin SZEKELY

Ductal Concrete bench / Designers Olivier CHABAUT et Laurent LEVEQUE

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