Lacquering is a meticulous painting (or varnishing) technique used to highlight and bring out curves and textures.

Successive layers of varnish reveal subtle new shades and colours. Applied in up to ten layers, the varnish brings out the material’s nuances and gives a sense of depth. Before the lacquering process begins, our painters analyse the forms of each object to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting finish.


This glossy coating is delicate work and precision is required to obtain the desired colour. Applying the varnish is a task that demands patience and care.

Lacquer is part of the piece’s finalisation process. It is the final stage before packaging, shipping, and installation so it receives our full attention and we are always improving our application and polishing techniques.

and opportunities

Frog Table / Designer Hella Jongerius / Edition Gallery KREO

Borely Museum painted ceiling / Architect MOATTI ET RIVIERE

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