For every individual piece of furniture, we strive to understand the designer’s viewpoint, from design to production. We retrace every detail, imagine ourselves as the user, and consider the final effect, the desired emotional response. We also anticipate any constraints on usage like assembly, maintenance, and delivery.

Because we believe that furniture only has meaning in situ, we are often inspired by architecture to deliver objects that seamlessly fit into the spaces they occupy.

A certified “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, we apply contemporary techniques to our master craftsmanship to create materials and finishes that are made to measure for each individual project.


Shelving, chairs, tables… we build furniture of all kinds, with a special enthusiasm for experimental furniture and large pieces. The furniture expertise we have amassed enables us to adapt to any kind of production, whether unique pieces, limited editions, or larger runs.

We optimise the properties of certain materials to bring your most creative ideas into the realm of the possible: this includes working on the impermeability of porous materials, solidifying malleable materials, and rendering fragile ones more robust.

and opportunities

“Milles Pattes” Table / Designer Philippe NACSON

Ductal and wood  chair/ STUDIO COGITECH

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