Composite and wood

Composites are made when different materials – like carbon fibre, glass, or linen – are combined with existing materials to bolster a given technical and/or aesthetic property.

Our composites are created as solutions to specific, often incompatible problems. This makes our methodology particularly suited to them: we innovate by experimenting and breaking down boundaries.

A high quality natural material, for Cogitech wood offers endless possibilities. We explore and transform wood through new assembly methods. We find inspiration in ancient, modern, and even naval architecture to create new forms and finishes.


To make our creations as environmentally responsible as possible, we research and develop new natural fibres, materials free from synthetic resin, and environmentally neutral products. In response to requests for green projects, we have also designed composite materials based on cork, wood, foam, linen fibres, and resin.

and opportunities

Turtle coffee table detail / Designer Hella Jongerius/ Gallery KREO

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