Facades and finishings

A reflection of your brand image, your products and your business, the exterior or interior wall cladding is one of the first things your customers see.

We provide aesthetic, technical solutions for innovative, cutting-edge finishing that meets your needs and are in synch with your style.

Thanks to our expertise in digital manufacturing and our artisanal know-how, each project is carried out with great attention to the choice of materials, the techniques used, the color chosen, and the artisanal finish applied.

As experts in materials and techniques for cutting, molding, shaping… we can offer customized, personalized solutions.

Given our impeccable track record, we are often asked to work with the top names in luxury, such as the Louis Vuitton Foundation and Dior, to create their POS, design the layout of boutiques and make up the interior or exterior facades.

The possibilities

Concrete, plaster, solid surfaces, acrylic glass, stone, metal, wood… all of these materials can be cut, molded or shaped. Countless combinations are possible, so we are able to offer you a wide range of solutions.

and perspectives

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