Carbon fibre

Carbon fibre has for many years been seen as a technical material. Today it is known for its creative properties. Light, efficient, and malleable, it offers multiple qualities and varied applications. It combines aesthetics and performance for pinpoint accuracy. We have been probing the extent of its potential for over 15 years, through architectural and furniture projects.


Tables, armchairs, shelving, false ceilings, chandeliers… carbon fibre is truly versatile. Its rigidity and refinement mean that it can be used to make light, delicate structures. This makes carbon fibre suitable for suspended objects with organic shapes and clean lines.

It reflects light, accentuates contrasts, and brings depth to an object. When it is visible, the texture of its fibres gives it a raw, natural character. We are experimenting with new weaves for this fibre, to bring you unique creative possibilities.

and opportunities

Exhibition “MATRICE” / STUDIO COGITECH/ Edition Gallery BSL

Exhibition “NATUROSCOPIE”/ Designer Noé DUCHAUFOUR / Edition Gallery BSL

Exhibition “MOON WOOD”/ Designer Martin SZEKELY

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