Acrylic glass
and resin

We recommend acrylic glass and resin when making objects that have to be transparent or play with light. We are experts in adhesive and polishing techniques and artisan finishes, and we specialise in 3D tooling of large chunks.

We carry out the cutting and tooling, and then each object is crafted by hand: polished, sanded, and glued to your specifications. Or wide-ranging expertise in acrylic glass and resin means that we are able to deliver precision-made products.


Walls, flooring, stairways, chandeliers, furniture… so mush is possible with acrylic glass and resin. They boast the same qualities as glass (transparent, malleable), but are lighter and incredibly shock-resistant. They are the perfect solution for complex problems and large objects.

and opportunities

Frozen Cabinet / Designer WIEIKI SOMERS / Edition Gallery KREO

Coffee Table “Naturoscopie”/Designer Noé DUCHAUFOUR/ Edition Gallery BSL

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