Distortion exhibit by Najla El Zein

Najla El Zein, who lives and works in Beirut, is the genius behind these two benches entitled Distortion on display at the Friedman Benda art gallery in New York City from November 9-13, 2017.

As is often the case with Najla’s work, these benches explore the relationship between shapes, uses and space. Their anthropomorphic lines express a desire for femininity. Najla’s work hovers between art and design. Her perception of objects is refined and minimalist.

Won over by this designer’s world, COGITECH studied, experimented and explored the material to build these benches with Ductal® and resin and thus creating a refined yet raw look.

In the hands of Najla El Zein, our expertise in materials generates unique, authentic works of art that are full of meaning.