Construction exhibit by Martin Szekely

For the past twelve years, COGITECH has proudly worked with and supported this great French artist in producing some of his original designs.

Thanks to our rigor and ongoing pursuit of absolute excellence and innovation, we have built a lasting relationship with Martin Szekely, who now honors us with the privilege of partnering with him on his Construction exhibit.

The Bordeaux Decorative Arts and Design museum asked Martin Szekely to create an exhibit with about forty or so works based on the theme of construction to be displayed in a former prison now repurposed into an exhibit hall.

This exhibit aims to show, through a historical and thematic approach, the distinct path taken by this great designer.

To see the results of this structural feat, visit the Decorative Arts and Design museum, 39 rue Bouffard in Bordeaux, France, April 26 to September 16, 2018.