our inspiration,
your solution

We see things through the eyes of an artisan engineer, an expert in cutting edge technology and manual craftsmanship. We combine technical trades and artistic craftsmanship, and each project is guided by both of these approaches simultaneously and in equal measure.

Our creative process is built around materials, which form an endless source of transformations, possibilities, and inspirations.

We are ardent believers in French industrial craftsmanship, local facilities, and running a responsive business that puts people first.

Innovation studio

Our integrated innovation studio was set up to study and experiment with the materials we develop as part of our innovative projects. Questioning established practices and rejecting the status quo have enabled us to develop the cutting edge expertise needed to deliver bespoke solutions.

How we work


Before we begin making sketches or prototypes, we carry out an in-depth analysis of your situation and the challenges it brings, so that even the smallest detail of your project is understood, shared, and considered.


We then begin running technical and aesthetic tests in our studio and workshops, so that we can identify the best solution for your project.


The process is completed with prototypes and reproduction. And because it’s important that we’re there for you at every step of the production process, we also take care of packaging, shipping, and exports, and offer installation support.

Our team

We are a team of experts, all passionate about materials and new challenges. We identify as artisan engineers, operating where technical prowess meets aesthetic appeal. We are there to advise and support you every step of the way, as we work together to deliver the projects you bring to us.

Séverine Beche
Personal assistant
Olivier Mesplomb
Sylvain Quidant
Eric Renoust
Guillaume Iwaniuk
Research engineer
Damien Tirniac
Project manager
Maxime Brunet
Cabinet maker
Alex Tartarin
Philippe Amaral
Composite technician
Jérémy Bernard
Project manager
Jordan Giffard

Project locations

We work with both domestic and international customers. From Paris to Hong Kong, Marseille to New York, we deliver projects all over the world.

Our workshops and studio occupy a 2000m² space, and contain four tooling centres, a water jet cutter, two 3D scanners, and a 3D printer. The space and tools at our disposal mean that we are able design and manufacture large objects to satisfy your supersized projects.